Waste management in Norway(RETURKRAFT)

RETURKRAFT: One of Scandinavia's most modern and efficient recycling plant located in Kristiansand

During my time at Mandal(I am in another city now, details to follow in next blog) along with my friends got chance to go to a waste management facility in a city called Kristiansand.
The facility was a waste management company called RETURKRAFT. We were given a chance to spend few hours inside the company where we learnt about waste management system in Norway and mostly about Returkraft itself.
The story of Returkraft started from long before when Norwegian Government decided to ban the landfill sites, for those of who don/t know land fill sites are the places where the waste are basically dumped.
The meaning of Returkraft is Return Energy and that is what this facility has been doing since it has been operational in 2010. Here the waste energy is transfered into electricity and also used to provide hot water for the city.
Here the household waste that cannot be recycled are broug…

Bhaat(rice) to Bread

N in both Nepal and Norway stands for Natural beauty both the countries have. As Nepal is quite famous for high Himalayas and all, Norway has it's own way to attract ones attention. Just few weeks in this country and I already realize how diverse within itself is  Norway. The country which is know for its vast "RICHNESS" has a lot of other things to offer too.

Arriving in Norway from Nepal has been good so far. Learning how to adjust in this new place has been exciting too.

Here in Hald everyday starts with a breakfast and a quite time and lecture followed by breaks every 45 minute which also include fruit break and a lunch and lecture again in afternoon. One thing I found interesting is that, here bread really is eaten a lot.  photo: bread used almost for every meal
My friends here are very friendly and kind. It is always good to know about other cultures and learn from them too.
Of course, transitioning always takes time but it is good to have a community who is there for y…